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Drol (Cardarine) - 60x 10mg

Dark Horse

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Cardarine (also known as GW 501516) is now one of the most widely used supplements in athletic sports and for good reason. It increases endurance, torches the fat that your body so loves to store and improves your insulin sensitivity which directly enhances protein synthesis.

Per 2-Capsule Serving:
20mg - Cardarine (GW501516)

30 servings per bottle

Greatly increases endurance
Improves speed and strength
Improves cardiovascular strength
Extremely effective for loosing fat
Protects brain vessels from oxidation damage and stress
Burns fat and suppresses inflammation
Boosts development of nerve cells
Stimulates dramatic fat loss with significant and visible vascularity improvements
Versatile -- can be stacked with almost anything

Typical Results

Test subjects have reported massive improvements in the levels of body strength and endurance performance. In particular, this benefit of added endurance helps improve results when under a large cardio load. According to studies, it prolongs the onset of fatigue.

Studies show enhanced performance and improved genetic signalling associated with muscle growth while drastically reducing fat.