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German Pharma LGD-Ultra (LGD 4033) - 60x 4mg

German Pharma

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When it comes to gains in size as well as strength, LGD is an all time favourite S.A.R.M, and for good reason. The bulking potential with LGD comes from its stimulation of androgen receptors, boosting the potential for protein synthesis beyond any regular capacity. Suited especially for bodybuilders and powerlifters, LGD is non-steroidal but remains one of the strongest oral S.A.R.M.s available.

4mg LGD 4033 per capsule
60 capsules per bottle

Who Should Take

It is advised that due to the strength of LGD, women remain free of use to avoid any unwanted side effects that will interfere with their natural female state.

For those under the age of 21, we do not suggest running a cycle of LGD so that you don’t negatively influence your hormonal development.

How To Take

The recommended dosage of LGD is 4-12 mg daily, for 6 weeks. German Pharmaceuticals LGD Ultra contains 4mg per cap, which equates to 1-3 caps daily. In order to sustain the amount of LGD being utilized at all times, we recommend splitting up this dosage into multiple applications throughout the day.

What To Expect

LGD is an unmethylated anabolic compound, so a liver support is not required with a cycle at the advised length and dosage; for any extended cycle at dosages that haven't been trialled and tested, a milk thistle will rule out any uncertainties to your liver healt

We recommend taking a PCT supplement after each course