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Turkesterone XL

Turkesterone XL

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Premium grade, high-strength Turkesterone standardised to 10%, making it one of the best and most effective Turkesterone supplements on the market.

Each three-capsule provides 1,500 mg of Ajuga Turkestanica Extract
Premium Quality, Standardized to 10:1 Turkesterone
90 capsules / 30 servings per bottle
No artificial colours, binders, fillers or preservatives

More about Turkesterone

Discussed and recommended by Andrew Huberman, Joe Rogan and Derek from More Plates More Dates

Build Lean Muscle
Increase Strength
Decrease Fat
Improve Libido

Turkesterone belongs to a class of compounds called Ecydesterones which are compounds that can help increase physical performance.

It's chemical structure is actually similar to human testosterone, which we associate mainly with male health and also with muscle growth. This has brought turkesterone to the attention of a number of bodybuilders and other athletes who want to get the most out of themselves. This is because testosterone levels in the body naturally decline over the course of our lives. That’s why athletes seeking maximum musculature often look for ways to keep testosterone at optimal levels or increase it further, taking their form to a new level.

What are the most commonly reported effects of turkesterone?

- Maintaining healthy testosterone levels and increasing them
- Muscle mass growth
- Improved strength
- Better overall physical performance
- Fat burning and weight loss support
- More energy throughout the day
- Greater resistance to stress
- Brain function support
- Protection against depression
- Lowering of blood sugar levels
- Anti-inflammatory properties
- Antioxidant properties
- Improved digestion
- Immune function support
- Liver and heart health support

Premium Quality

As with all Kratox Health supplements, our Turkesterone is GMO-free and is free from unnecessary additives, fillers and preservatives. It is made in a GMP Certified facility using only the highest quality ingredients.

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