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The manufacturing and distribution of the raw materials that make SARMs is to be banned from January 1st 2020. Stock will soon begin to run-out, and as far as we are aware there will be no re-stock. We are doing our best to source as much as possible but the clock is already ticking. The following products are to be discontinued: Osta RageCardarineMK-47LGD ExtremeQuadThe UltimateCarda-Rage Shop now

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Which SARMs Supplement is for me?

Each individual SARMs product has a different role, purpose and outcome. MK-677 will help you add lean muscle mass and strength.  LGD-4033 will help you to increase lean muscle mass whilst dropping body fat. A PCT supplement is suggested after use Cardarine helps breakdown body fat, reduces training recovery times and increases lifting endurance. Great for fat loss and muscle building.  Ostarine is most commonly used to preserve muscle mass while in a caloric deficit. It's great for muscle building and fat loss. A PCT supplement is suggested after use

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