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The ultimate SARM stack for people looking for mass.

This SARM stack will give you lean size, increase in muscle fullness and Fat Loss.

60 capsules
Each contains 4.5mg LGD4033 + 10mg MK677

Premium Quality

As with all Stacked Sarms Blends, Ultimate is made using only the highest quality ingredients from a lab which produces many of the most well-known brands in the UK, Europe and USA.

Stacked Sarms are the result of many months of collaboration and are exclusive to us here at Reinforced. You won't be disappointed.

More Product Information

MK-677 is a potent orally active growth hormone secretagogue to increase Growth Hormone (GH) and IGF-1 levels. For greater fat loss, recovery and sleep pattern.

LGD-4033 is the SARM which is known for it’s explosive mass and strength gains.

We often found that people looking for huge results fast would want the benefits of both LGD and MK. So we thought why not make it cheaper and more convenient for the customer by providing them together in one capsule. The Ultimate will help take your workouts and results to unseen places. It wont take long before you and everyone else notices how rapid your results are.

The maximum time this product can be used for is 4-8 weeks at a time and should be followed by a PCT due to the LGD being slightly suppressive. The Ultimate is the product you have been looking for since the huge PH ban that took away pro-hormone stacks. Again like with the SARMS individually, the side effects are much less than using Pro-Hormones meaning you can enjoy your results.

FAQs (The Ultimate)

Does The Ultimate require a PCT?
Yes, the LGD caused mild suppression so a cycle of a PCT is required post cycle.

How long can The Ultimate be used for?
8 weeks, followed by a PCT.

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